Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good morning!!!

This is day 2 of my blog. I'm so excited to final get this up and running. I'm still working on the design of the blog. So please bare with me.

I am a Stampin' Up consultant. I joined in the summer of 2011. My upline is such a creative and wonderful person. Sending a shout out to my "g" friend Emma Fewkes this morning. I will add pictures of cards that I've created as soon as I figure this blog "thing" out.

Until next time..


  1. Yay, Joi :) I can't wait to follow your blog journey ... remember to just enJOI what you're doing. Hugs!

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  3. Hey Joi,

    Good luck with the new blog thing. Pretty soon you'll either be like Emma, posting something wonderful every day or two, or like me, posting something wonderful every month or two. Let's hope it's not the latter of the two.

    Have fun with it!